Sanjin Viteškić


About Sanjin

Sanjin Viteškić graduated from the Faculty of Economics, University of Sarajevo, where he obtained the title of Master of science in Economic on September 03, 2013. His professional engagement is linked to the accounting service Ekovit doo Vitez and Revik doo Sarajevo. In accounting service Ekovit doo Vitez he worked for five years as a director of the company until December 10, 2007 when he started his professional engagement in Revik doo Sarajevo.

He is a partner in Revik doo Sarajevo since December 2013.

As a team member or the team leader he was working on tasks related to the audit of banks, microcredit organizations, insurance companies, business organizations and non-governmental organizations. He has experience in auditing projects funded by the European Commission, the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation in BiH, Embassy of Japan and Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA).

Sanjin Viteškić holds Certificates of Certified auditor and certified accountant issued by the Association of auditors, accountants and financial workers in Federations of Bosnia and Herzegovina. He also holds a certificate of Certified Internal Auditor issued by the Institute of Internal Auditors.

He is a member of many NGO’s and speaks English.

He also has experience in auditing projects funded by: the World Bank, UNHCR, American Refugee Committee (ARC), MCS, the European Commission, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation in BiH (SDC), Embassy of Japan, Swedish International Agency Development and Cooperation (SIDA), World Vision. In addition, he has substantial experience in making “due diligence” studies, and tax consulting companies, banks, insurance companies, and microcredit foundations / organizations in B&H.

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